Bombay Velvet (2015) Day Wise Box Office Collection


First Day Box Office Collections of Bombay Velvet are 6th Highest of 2015 behind Gabbar is Back , Roy, Baby, Badlapur and Tevar.

Amazingly opening day collections are even lower than Roy which had Ranbir Kapoor in a guest role only.

Even Besharam the last Ranbir Kapoor movie which was panned by critics had collected 19.87 Crores on its opening day.

Trade was completely negative on this movie since Anurag Kashyap doesn't have a great box office record and was now taking on a movie with a budget of over 100 crores.

Bombay velvet is in the category of urban niche films which appeal mostly to multiplex audiences in Top 8 Indian Cities only

A successful urban niche film usually collects in the range of 50-60 Crores so for this category of movie to be successful the cost should be lower but Bombay velvet is amongst most costliest movies in Bollywood

This movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar is the biggest budget movie of 2015 and got a wide release on 2600 screens.

Bombay Velvet had very high expectations because of its scale however the resulting box office collections are disappointing to say the least.
What was disappointing was that this was Ranbir kapoor's one of the worst openings in recent years so there was no signs of a star pull which is a worrying factor for Ranbir.

However after the double experimentation with the Kashyap brothers (Besharam and Bombay Velvet)  Ranbir Kapoor returns to his original set of directors and with his successful pairing with Deepika in Tamasha which will become a lithmus test for him.


Bombay Velvet is a wide release across 2600 screens Pan India with more multiplexes than single screens.

Total cost 110 crores. Production Cost 90 Crores and Prints and advertising cost 20 Crores. 

This is Ranbir Kapoor's first movie to have a cost of over 100 Crores and only the 10th bollywood movie ever to have a cost above 100 Crore

Hit or Flop Economics:

Music, Overseas and satellite has lead to a recovery of Rs 40 Crore. The remaining recovering should come from India theatrical and so it needs to have a distributor share of 70 Crores to break even.

To achieve a distributor share of 70 Crores Bombay Velvet should at least collect 140 Crores nett at India Box Office.

Bombay Velvet was conceptualized 3 years ago when satellite market was booming and a 35-40 Crores was  a price nay big movie always achieved but now the market is in a slump which has messed up the economics even more.

Released Date 15 May 2015
Released in Screens 2600+
1st Week Collections
Friday 05.20 Crore
Saturday 05.10 Crore
Sunday 05.80 Crore
Weekend 16.10 Crore
Monday 02.10 Crore
Tuesday 01.45 Crore
Wednesday 01.32 Crore
Thursday 01.30 Crore
1st Week Total 22.27 Crore
2nd Week Collections
Friday 00.40 Crore
Saturday 00.45 Crore
Sunday 00.55 Crore
Weekend 01.40 Crore
Monday 00.10 Crore
Tuesday 00.15 Crore
Wednesday 00.20 Crore
Thursday 00.20 Crore
2nd Week Total 02.05 Crore
3rd Week Collections
Friday --
Saturday --
Sunday --
Weekend --
Monday --
Tuesday --
Wednesday --
Thursday --
3rd Week Total 00.05 Crore
Total Collection 24.37 Crore

Bombay Velvet (2015) Day Wise Box Office Collection


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