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Akhanda: Box Office, Budget, Hit or Flop, Predictions, Posters, Cast & Crew, Release, Story, Wiki

Akhanda (Movie, 2021): Box Office Collection, Budget, First Look Posters, Movies Picture, Release Date, All Songs / Music Videos, Audio / Video Jukebox, Screen Count, Predictions, Akhanda Cast & Crew, Story /Plot, Trailer, Hit / Flop, Wiki And Others:

Akhanda is an Indian Telugu language Action-Drama film. Directed by Boyapati Srinu and produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy under the banner of Dwaraka Creations. The film features Nandamuri Balakrishna, And Pragya Jaiswal, Srikanth in lead role. Akhanda was released on 2 December, 2021 [India].

(1) Akhanda First Look Posters:


Akhanda First Look Poster 1

(2) Akhanda Cast & Crew:

Director Boyapati Srinu
Star CastNandamuri Balakrishna, Pragya Jaiswal, Srikanth, And Others
Release Date2 December, 2021
ProducerMiryala Ravinder Reddy
Production CompanyDwaraka Creations
WriterM. Rathnam, Boyapati Srinu
Publicity DesignDhani Aelay
B.A. Raju
Ram Prasad
EditorKotagiri Venkateshwara Rao, Tammiraju
DistributorsSri Venkateswara Films
Music Director
S. Thaman
Action DirectorLakshman Chella, Ram Chella
Art DirectionA.S. Prakash

(3) Akhanda Pictures:

Not Found  / Coming Soon

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(4) Akhanda Budget And Box Office:

-> In the first four days of release, it had collected a gross of over 12.05 crore in the Nizam region.

-> At the global box office, it had collected a share collection of 44.85 and a gross collection 74.00 Crore Gross.

-> After four days of it's release, the film had collected a share collection of 37.55 and a gross collection 59.10 crore in the Telugu states.

-> By the third day of the film's release, it had collected a share collection of 35.40 crore and gross collection of 56.90 crore worldwide. 

-> The film had collected a gross collection of 44.00 crore, by second day of its release.

-> Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer The film had collected a gross collection of 29.60 crore worldwide on its opening day.

-> Boyapati Srinu Direction Venture Akhanda had collected a share collection of 15.40 crore and gross collection of 23.00 crore in the Telugu states on its opening day.
Budget Approx 60.00 Crores all inclusive
ScreensApprox 500+ Screens India
Collection (India)Approx 59.10 Crore Gross (AP/TN) [Till 05th December, 2021]
Collection (WorldWide)Approx 84.85 Crore Gross [Till 07th December, 2021]
Collection (Overseas)Approx 03.55 Crore [Till 05th December, 2021]
Hit / FlopNot Found  / Coming Soon
[* Denotes Estimated Figures May Change]
[Final Numbers Awaited]

(5) Akhanda Predictions:

Not Found  / Coming Soon

(6) Akhanda Roles And Akhanda Cast:

Nandamuri Balakrishna
AsAkhanda Rudra Sikandar Aghora And Murali Krishna
Pragya JaiswalAsSaranya Bachupally IAS
Jagapathi BabuAsAghora Baba
Nithin MehtaAsGajendra Sahu
AsPrincipal Secretary Padmavati

(7) Akhanda All Songs / Music Videos:

The film score and soundtrack album of the film is composed by S. Thaman. The first single from the soundtrack, "Adigaa Adigaa" was released on 18 September 2021. The second single "Akhanda Title Song" was released on 8 November 2021. The last single of the album "Jai Balayya" was released on 27 November 2021, during the pre-release event of the film held at Hyderabad. The music rights were acquired by Lahari Music.

Adigaa AdigaaS. P. Charan, ML Shruti
S. ThamanKalyan Chakravarthy
Akhanda Title SongShankar Mahadevan, Siddharth Mahadevan, Shivam Mahadevan
S. ThamanAnanta Sriram
Jai BalayyaGeetha Madhuri, Sahithi Chaganti, Satya Yamini, Aditi Bhavaraju
S. ThamanAnanta Sriram

(8) Akhanda Audio / Video Jukebox:

Not Found  / Coming Soon

(9) Akhanda Trailer:

Akhanda | #BB3 Title Roar | Nandamuri Balakrishna
Akhanda, Here's the Title Roar of BB3 on Dwaraka Creations. Akhanda is a Latest Telugu Movie starring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Pragya Jaiswal, Srikanth. Directed by Boyapati Srinu. Music by Thaman S. Produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy under Dwaraka Creations. .

(10) Akhanda Story / Plot:

Gajendra, a wanted criminal is on search by the police who fail to capture him despite their brave efforts. During the fight between Gajendra's men and the police, Gajendra gets wounded through his own ammunition and is thrown into the water. He manages to find shelter in a temple under the guidance of a guru. But Gajendra being a criminal, murders his own guru and becomes the temple priest and usurps power.

Meanwhile two male children are born in the house of a wealthy influential family. Out of the two children one of them is born alive and the other is assumed to have a still-birth. Suddenly an Aghora comes while the mother is asleep and says that the still-born child has a non-peaceful destiny that leads to destruction of all evil, that matches with that of Lord Shiva. So the father then hands over the still-born child to the Aghora. The Aghora drops the child into the bag of another Aghora while he is meditating and quickly walks away. Now the child, who is revealed to not be still born, is raised up under the protection of the Aghoras and eventually grows up under the aegis of Lord Shiva.

In the present, Murali Krishna is a renowned and respected leader of his district who is loved by all his people and he fights for the rights of the common man. Saranya who has newly joined as the district collector falls in love with Murali Krishna and both of them get married and they bear a daughter who eventually falls sick. It is revealed that almost all the children of the district suffer from the same unknown illness and after a thorough investigation, by Saranya's colleague, Padmavati, it is revealed that the illness is due to the rich deposits of uranium that are being illegally mined instead of copper by Varadarajulu and his men who are associates to Gajendra. It is also revealed that Varadarajulu is a merciless brute who tortures the mine-workers and their families and has contacts with the corrupt local DSP and other corrupt government officials. Murali Krishna confronts them and vows to wipe them out and save the city. After this confrontation of Murali with Varadarajulu, Gajender devises a plan and sets up bombs inside the hospital owned by Murali. The blast kills many people in Murali Krishna's own hospital, and he is arrested by the NIA for interrogation. Meanwhile the goons of Varadarajulu chase down Saranya and her daughter to kill them and wipe out their family. Saranya flees with her sick daughter into an ancient cave which houses an old temple of Lord Shiva and comes upon Akhanda who has the manifestation of Rudra now and Akhanda shatters the goons and protects Saranya and her daughter.

Hearing this, Gajendra and Varadarajulu are shocked and they get the DSP and his men to capture Saranya and her daughter along with the rest of the family to kill them but to their surpirse Akhanda shows up and kills all of the officers except for the DSP. Akhanda then interrupts Gajendra's ritual by killing the DSP in front of him and then gives him a warning. Seeing this Murali's mother asks who Akhanda is to the Aghora and he says that it is her child and Murali's twin brother but due to his destiny he was forced to cut ties with all of his family members and that he is solely Shiva's but Murali's mother tries to convince Akhanda to come back to their family but she fails in doing so. Gajendra takes the help of a Kapalik tantrik to kill Akhanda. At the same time, Akhanda finds Padmavati at the bottom of a river and brings her back to life and finds out that Varadarajulu and Gajendra found out that she wanted to expose their illegal activities and they attempt to kill her and throw her in a river. Seeing all of this Akhanda goes to the mines and kills Varadarajulu and his men and when the NIA officer questions him he says that the powers from Shiva has led him to kill a brutal criminal like him and walks away.

Gajendra and the tantrik devise a trap and place a spell upon Saranya's daughter knowing that Akhanda will surely go to Kasi and perform the Mrityunjay puja to free the child and bring her back to life, and by using this opportunity they can kill Akhanda when he's performing the puja. Akhanda starts the ritual with full concentration and before he could end it, Gajendra and his men stab him with three weapons on his back and try to kill him. Despite all this suffering, Akhanda still focuses on the ritual and finally completes it and Saranya's daughter is brought back to life. Now after the ritual is over, Lord Shiva enters into Akhanda to fight against Gajendra and his men. Meanwhile the NIA also learns that Murali is innocent and they release him from custody which he comes just in time and joins Akhanda in his fight and helps him while Akhanda destroys and kills Gajendra and his men including the tantrik. After Gajendra and his tantrik are killed, Murali unites with his family and Saranya's daughter asks Akhanda to stay with their family but he states that he can not do so but he blesses the child and leaves away stating that he cannot have ties to the family but will return whenever anyone is in trouble.

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